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Nneka Otim/ owner, Nneka’s Naturals, Mableton, GA
I use Earth’s Fruit Loc Butter on my loc styles mostly. I have used it on my two strand twists. My customers compliment the scent…they say, “It’s really refreshing!” I like the way it melts once it contacts the hair or skin. I love how it holds the locs but doesn’t weigh the hair down or cause build-up. It gives a great shine to locs and twists. I love the lemongrass scent as well.

Love Cassey/ owner, Amenti Natural Hair Salon, Jonesboro, GA
I have been using Naturality Loc Butter for a few years now. It gives a firm hold to locs and twist styles without a greasy look. The loc butter shampoos out easily and does not add buildup to locks. I also use it as a finishing product on straw sets & twist outs. My clients always comment that they love the fresh lemongrass scent.

Monique Sharp/owner, Sharp Group Management, Norcross, GA
Naturality’s Healing with Coconut & Aloe is the first crème I have ever used and not break out! My skin has never felt this soft before! I’m hooked for life! I have eczema so I really had not found anything natural that works well on my skin. So thank you for creating this product.

Brenda Holifield, Lithonia, GA
Purchased Yahweh Shine Mist …
This is a fabulous spray that is not heavy and leave a subtle sweet fragrance that’s good for my hair and body. I use it on wet and dry hair that adds shine and conditions my hair while adding moisture. Using it after shower and bath while my body is still damp gives the best results for moisture.

Lena Willis, Lithia Springs, GA
Lemon Cream Shea Butter gives a cool, citrusy scent and provides to best moisture to your skin that lasts all day long. I get so many compliments when I use it, it’s not overpowering, but provides a subtle fragrance that is great on your skin or for your natural hair styles. I used it both ways.

Linda Kimble-Williams, Atlanta, GA
Cranberry Creme, my absolute fave – I use it on my hair and body

Hi my name is Gloria Middleton and I purchased the Pilar hair and body creme 8oz. I was extremely pleased with this product because not only could I use it for my skin but I also saw medicinal benefits as well. I also loved the consistency of the item as well. I think it is a wonderful product and would not hesitate to buy it again.
Gloria Middleton, Boston, MA.

I have used the Shea moisture and the detangler coconut is my favorite. I love it! The detangler works so well in my kids hair. With 2 to 3 sprits and rub it in, the hair detangles itself! I and the Shea moisture I use in my hair and on my body. Leaves my skin nice and smooth. The scent is nice and airy, not too strong. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
Monyikka Thomas, Douglasville Georgia

Great E-book.
I’ve purchased both the Yahweh Shine Mist and the body creme; I love them both.
I use the shine mist in my hair as a moisturizer as well as on my body; the fragrance smells awesome. What I enjoyed the most with the shine mist was there was no build up of product on my hair nor is there a residue left like some products that take time to settle into the hair. The shine mist is light with a very attractive smell as well as the product immediately attacks dry scalp. I have a friend who wears locks and one day as I was using the product she asked if she could use my shine mist because her hair was dry. She immediately responded by saying how much she loved this product and asked how could she too grab a bottle because her hair normally would soak up products and continue to itch; the shine mist proved to have been a scalp saver for her that day.
Mumbi, Congratulations on your product line. I wish you much success.
Mee-Mee Davis, Marietta,GA

Greetings Naturality,
I love and use your product ”Multi-Use Oil”. I have been using it now for 2 years on my hair and my full body. It feels light to touch and my body and hair absorbes it easily. lIt spreads smooth leaving my skin and hair soft without leaving oil in my clothes and headdress. Its clean soft fragrance blends well with different fragrances of essential oils. So when I want to smell different, I just add one or two drops of an essential oil to my hand to mix with Shine Mist. Most of all, I love your prices. Many of my family members use your product. It was my daughter who first introduced me and I fell in love with it. I plan to add more of your products to my body care shopping list.
Queen Mother Akilah Chiku, Lithia Springs, GA

My favorite Naturality Product is the Coconut Detangler & Leave-in Conditioner. My granddaughter’s hair is very tight, dry and brittle which makes it hard to comb. We tried all types of products to help soften it, not only to stop the breakage but so that hair coming is not an agonizing process for her. Different products works in varying degrees but the one that worked best by far is Naturality Detangler & Leave-in Conditioner. It leaves her hair smelling nice and feeling moist all day and loosens her curls so well that it’s much easier to comb her hair and it minimizes breakage. I also use it in my hair, which is not as tight as my granddaughter’s so it can be used on all grades of natural hair. I highly recommend it!
Yoofiwaa Kyekye, Atlanta, GA

The Yahweh Shine Mist is a very nice smelling all purpose oil. I use this product from my head to toe. It is very light, not greasy bringing life to my skin.
David Brown, Charlottesville, VA

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